Pure & Organic offers full traceable organic lecithin from USA


Pure and Organic, in the heart of the chocolate and oil industry in the Netherlands, has been active in the organic food market for more than 6 years. We trade and fill organic oils, butter, cocoa, and related organic products. We have recently become the distributor of organic lecithin from sunflower, soy, and canola from the USA.

Since January 1st, 2019, all suppliers or organic products in Europe are obliged to use organic lecithin in the manufacturer of products. Pure & Organic responds to the growing demand for organic products and organic lecithin by including this in its range. Our applications for bio-lecithin include chocolate, baby nutrition, dairy, animal nutrition, and health care.

The crude oil and seeds are only sourced from the USA, South America, Mexico, and Europe. We guarantee quality through various certifications such as USDA organic, NON-GMO, SQF, U-Kosher and Skal. Our bio lecithin is fully IP traceable and is produced at our factories in Arbuckle, California USA by Adams Vegetable Oils. We offer organic canola/rapeseed, sunflower (available from A1 2020) and soy bio lecithin in totes, drums, and 5,10,25 kg buckets.


• USDA Organic
• Solvent Free
• Food Grade
• Plant-Sourced
• Made in the USA
• Label Friendly
• Non-GMO
Project Verified

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